Solutions of diagnosis of security issues and attacks for storage in cloud computing

Ahmed Ibrahim Turki, Qasim Mohammed Hussein2


Cloud computing is technique cost-effective, flexible, and convenient in remote access to applications and storage services, making it easy to provide information technology services and business across the Internet. Nevertheless, the use of cloud computing is an additional source of security risk due to third-party outsourcing, as makes maintaining the privacy, availability and security of data is very difficult. Cloud computing has many of its supporting technologies (virtualization, Web 2.0, service-oriented architecture), which inherits many security issues and makes them susceptible to attacks. Most of the previous work focused on storing data in the cloud without taking security issues and attacks into consideration. In this paper, we provide an analysis of security issues in cloud storage and possible solutions. With regard to the attacks on the data stored in the clouds, parametric comparison including all the details and countermeasures are provided. Finally, this paper provides a significant contribution to building a secure cloud environment for data storage, its privacy and recovery in disaster situations.




Cloud computing, Cloud security, Storage based attacks, storage models, Denial-of-service Countermeasures

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