Study the effect of diode laser on the properties of dental composite

Thuraia Bhagat Ayed AL-Tikriti1, Amer shaker Mahmood1, Muthenna Sh. Rajab2


In this study anterior filling was used type of G-aenial and used in the restoration of teeth, then conducted a study and divided into four groups of the first sample, which is the group A, which was irradiated by laser and then hardened by Light Curing then irradiated with laser and the third sample C, which was irradiated with Light Curing, and the laser on the sample at the same time and the fourth sample D The original samples are not exposed to irradiation (control) Based on the filling specifications The sample was prepared cylindrical and dimensions (10 × 6mm) to be used in a number of Synthetic measurements such as x-ray diffraction analysis, electron microscopy scanner and some important mechanical properties such as hardness and wear. The results showed X-ray diffraction that the components of A, B, C and D aggregates gave emitted precipitation and a thin crystalline state clear all forms of x-ray diffraction. It was found that the XRD test of the B group showed a significant increase in the intensity of the material in the G-aenial filler and is indicated by the laser effect clearly after light therapy and laser irradiation.The results of the SEM examination of group B in the case of Light Curing and laser hardening showed clear homogeneity and better atomic distribution compared to other studied groups    


dental composite, diode laser , Shore hardness, Wear Testing.

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