Lithofacies and sedimentary structures of Tanjero Formation at Heeran area North Iraq

Lafta Salman Kadhium


The lithofacies and sedimentary structures of Tanjero Formation (campanian- maastrichtian)  have been studied in the field at Heeran area east of Shaqlawa north of Iraq. It is found that the thickness of the formation is (120) m., the lower contact is conformable with Shiranish formation while the upper contact is unconformable with Kolosh Formation and recognized by the presents of basal conglomerate about (1.5)m. in thickness. According to the lithofacies, the formation is divided in to three parts; the lower and the upper parts composed of clastic sand stone interbedded with thin beds of marl and carbonate. While the middle part is friable and composed of marl and shale. The studied sedimentary structures in the formation confirmed that the sediment deposited by turbidite currents with unstable tectonic conditions


Tanjero Formation, lithofacies, sedimentary structures, Heeran area.

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