Cluster forming based on spatial information using HMAC in WSN

Aso Ahmed Majeed


The wireless sensor can be considered as one of the most major technologies through using it in different application such as environmental applications, military applications, commercial applications, health applications and agriculture applications. Due to the sensor networks may be deployed in open area (uncontrolled area), especially in military applica­tions. In such situ­ations, the nodes are vulnerable to be captured. Moreover, data/control packets may be inter­cepted and/or modified due to the transmission nature.

Consequently, security services such as authentication and encryption done by key manage­ment which is not trivial task. The key management is important to maintain the network op­erations. The proposed scheme the nodes based on spatial information with data sequence then sends encryption message to each other in secure way by HMAC for providing safe links between the nodes in the network and forming the clusters. Consequently, the proposed scheme covers the security goals and au­thentication of each node.


Heterogeneous WSN, Symmetric Key cryptography, SHA-1, MAC, Attack in WSN

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